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Intentional Success VS Complacent Mediocrity


It creeps up on us so stealthily, we don't even realize it. We get comfortable in our jobs, our marriages, our lives. We stop growing and begin to stagnate. We are more interested in the next episode of "Someone Else's Life" that we forget to live our own. When we graduated from high school, we didn't look to our future with a dream of being average. Yet, here we are. 5, 10, 15 or more years later we have become engulfed in complacency. 


We have finally awoken to the reality: We aren't even average! We have become so complacent that we are MEDIOCRE... We are living lives of unfulfilled dreams. We check out when we check in to work. We look forward to doing nothing. Not only are we NOT fulfilling our own dreams, but all we do is to help someone else fulfill theirs!  


We can let depression set in and live a life of reruns of "the good ole days." But we all know, they weren't that good. Or we can look to the future. We can't change what has happened, only what WILL happen. We aren't content with complacent mediocrity anymore. There is something more for us. We can ACHIEVE! 


​We know there is more for our lives than we currently have. We will no longer give in to laziness! We will start our day on purpose and end our day with purpose. We will be intentional about our actions and our choices. Our dreams aren't dead, they've been shoved in the overflowing closet of life. We will find our dreams, dust them off, and freshen them up. Because WE CAN!


If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. We have failed to plan for too long. ​We need a plan. But how? We've been complacent for so long, where do we start? We start with a plan. A plan that we don't have to create ourselves. A plan for success. Our personal plan will come when we have tasted success and we are ready to reach for more.