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My Family. My Life. My Story.

Hi! I’m Dane. We all have a story to tell. Each of us has different experiences. Different personal expectations. Different goals. Different dreams and passions. Here is my story.

Rough Start.

My freshman year of college I started as a Pre-Optometry Major. Before the first semester was over, I had changed to a Psychology Major. I took 2 years off after my freshman year and served a Church service mission. When I came back to school, I started as a Psychology Major, then switched to a Social Work Major, then transferred schools and became a Business Major. I finally graduated after 6 years worth of college with a Major in Recreation Leadership! If you can’t tell, I was pretty lost.

My career aspirations have been just as eclectic. I worked in retail for REI right after I finished school. They were wonderful to work for, so I thought I loved working retail. I got a management position with AAFES, the military retail stores, and quickly realized that I didn’t love retail! After about 9 months of that, I decided to become a Massage Therapist, so back to school I went. After graduating with a 4.0 GPA, I applied for numerous positions, was offered several, and decided to start my own business instead. A year later, struggling to pay the bills with a family of 5, I was hired as a Pest Control Technician. With a Bachelor’s Degree and as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I began killing bugs for a living.

Complacency and Mediocrity.

Obviously, I still hadn’t found my passion. Fast forward a few years. I worked Pest Control for 10 seasons. I became the "Heir Apparent" of a small, but successful, company. With the owner regularly mentioning retirement, I held on for the promise of taking over the business. I held on for the potential, long after my interest in the job was gone. I was willingly giving up my own life for HIS vision, and I didn’t even know what that vision looked like. After a few years of the “impending” retirement carrot dangling in front of me, I finally realized that I was just another sucker who had given up my own goals to live in complacent mediocrity.

The Awakening.

When I finally realized I didn’t have a passion for pest control, even IF my boss finally retired, I began to explore my options. Learning and growing every chance I got, I read non-fiction books and listened to podcasts like they were going out of style! I would listen to 4-6 hours of podcasts each day of the work week.

Beginnings of Success.

Through this exploration, I learned about the power of Mastermind Groups. So I started my first group, Mind Jam, with just one of my closest friends. The power of the Mastermind is real! I started my Amazon sales business as a direct result of the accountability partner I had from my Mastermind. My Amazon business is successful to this day, making me passive income every month.


I continued listening to podcasts 5 days a week. Through the podcasts I was introduced to Hal Elrod and his Miracle Morning Routine. I took his 30 Day Challenge on my own and I only lasted 21 days. During the first 2 weeks I saw AMAZING results. But without accountability, I lost my motivation to push hard and achieve success. I was continuing to struggle. Complacency and a life of mediocrity come so easily. I fell apart that winter, regaining 30 of the 40 pounds I had lost over the year.

Back on Track.

At my lowest point that winter was when the Mind Jam Mastermind Group began to take off and I was pulled out of my slump by the Grace of God and the help of my group. Over the first year, I invited others to join us. Some did, others didn’t. None of them stuck around for long. Just myself and my buddy, the original 2, were truly dedicated to the process. We met nearly every week for a year before we had someone join us with a similar dedication to personal growth and accomplishment. Then a fourth member came. Then a fifth. 5 months into our second year, we had 5 of us coming on a regular basis and we began seeing things happen!

Success: Part 2.

With the success I found with the Mind Jam Mastermind, I wanted to branch out and do more. I knew I had found success with the Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge in the past, I just didn't have accountability. So I started a new challenge. But this time I sought out others who would walk the path with me. And so began the Morning Alliance 30 Day Challenge. What a difference! Having accountability and leading the group has given me the strength to make positive changes to my life that I didn’t even dream of before. And I have seen the other members of the group grow in amazing ways.

Finding Passion.

Because of the Mind Jam Mastermind Group and the accountability of my Morning Alliance process, all of my past experiences and hard earned knowledge have finally come together. They've come together in a way that I can fulfill my life purpose of adding value to the lives of others. I have finally found my PASSION. My passion is to be a part of your personal growth process and to see YOU succeed.

Personal Success Coaching.

After attending Coaching With Excellence with Dan Miller, I began my coaching career. I have worked with a self proclaimed Excel nerd and seen him start a blog and renegotiate his salary. I have worked with a blind woman with a passion for telling her story and the stories of others with disabilities and she now has a podcast. I’ve worked with a Chiropractor and seen him grow his practice by adding a Massage Therapist. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I Challenge YOU.

So I continue to challenge others. I challenge you. 48 days will change your life. If you aren’t sure, hey, it’s only 48 days. Give it a try. Come see what all the talk is about. Leave behind complacency. Leave behind mediocrity. See YOUR life change as you embrace INTENTIONAL SUCCESS!