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My Family. My Life. My Story.

I was your typical, college bound student. I did well in high school and was accepted at 2 different colleges.

I went through the motions of getting my degree and had some fun along the way. I bought into the idea that success meant you keep your nose to the grindstone and get your work done. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a very good worker! Smart enough, but not dedicated enough. I did graduate, but still didn’t know what I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be, when I grew up.

I found my first professional job and jumped in. I was terrible! My work ethic was weak and my ability to think outside the box was limited. 

Thankfully, I began to change. Something my boss said started sinking in. After putting in a 72 hour work week, she asked me, “Why didn’t you get more done?”

I didn’t change right away, but that was the catalyst. Feeling unappreciated, and on the verge of being fired, I quit.

I still believed that going to school was the answer to my workplace woes, so back I went. Another year of debt, another certificate under my belt that “proved” I had value.

But at that point I started really digging into my motivations. I started with a new company at the rock bottom; not where you’d expect a University grad to start. I worked hard on the job and on myself.

After several years, I was second only to the owner, and CEO, of the entire company. I was on the fast track to take over whenever he chose to retire.

Many books, podcasts and other forms of learning prepared me for the owners eventual retirement. I took over the company and began laying out a plan for growth and expansion.

Unfortunately, less than a year into retirement the owner got bored. It didn’t take long for him to reinsert himself back into the role of being in charge and making the decisions. 

Although I was still the “heir apparent”, I realized my road had dead ended. All my plans for growth and expansion were tossed out the window and I found myself longing to go with them. And so my career with that company came to an end. 

Along my growth journey I started an Amazon business that continues to bring in some extra pocket change each month. I also took a job teaching night classes at a private college. I began coaching individuals on career growth and small businesses on development, starting and running several mastermind programs in the process.

Now I offer my knowledge and expertise to you.

Thanks for reading!

-Great Dane