Check the Attitude

All too often we hear the phrases “Thank goodness it’s Friday” and “Oh, no. It’s Monday!” The biggest problem with these phrases is the way they reflect in the work we accomplish. If you truly feel the relief of Friday and the anguish of Monday, then you need to check out 48 Days to the Work You Love. But let’s get that attitude changed while you look for the right job for you.

Coming to work with a negative attitude will reflect poorly in the quality of the work you do and the interactions you have with coworkers and customers. You might not like what you are doing. So change what you do! While you are in the process of changing, get over yourself and get to work.

Check the attitude at the door. You know what, forget that. Ditch the attitude all together. No one likes a Debbie or Dougie Downer. A negative attitude will reflect not only at work, but at home as well. When you are unhappy and focused on the negative, your family and friends suffer also.

Take a look inside. Are you unhappy because of something at work? Let’s address the issue and move on.  If it’s the job itself, check out the 48 Days to the Work You Love Course here. 

If it’s something at work, communication is the key. 69% of people are high “S” personality types, (Check out the DISC Profiles here) which means they prefer to avoid conflict. Unfortunately, avoiding the possible in person conflict leave you with an internal conflict; the back and forth inside your head where you have the opportunity to make things much worse than they are in reality.

If the bad attitude stems from something in your personal life (outside of work) the answer is the same. Communication is the key. Good communication will address 99% of the the world’s problems.

Check out the DISC Profile and learn how to communicate with others in the way THEY want to be communicated with! (Link Coming Soon...)

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