Developing Talent

“Why didn’t you get more done?”

How would you feel if that was the only response you got after putting in a 72 hour week, on salary?

This was the only response I got. No, I didn’t feel appreciated. In fact, I felt distinctly UNappreciated!

That was the end of the line for me. Less than a month later, I left that company and moved on.

On one hand, I look back and realize that I wasn’t as effective as was possible in the 72 hours I’d clocked.

On the other hand, I also look back and realize that you can’t train enthusiasm. But you can squash it! I was enthusiastic. I was willing to learn. I worked those hours trying to show my boss that I cared and wanted to be better at my job. 

Rather than seeing my enthusiasm and molding it, training it, harnessing it, she killed it. How could this situation be different… better? What could have been said and what can you learn from this?

I would have responded much better to a response like, “I really appreciate the extra effort this week.”

 Or maybe, “If you are willing to come in so much, let’s start a mentorship.” 

Or something like this, “I noticed the extra effort this week and I’d like to help you harness your efforts so we can all be more efficient.”

Maybe I would have stayed on the job. I didn’t hate my job, I hated the total lack of appreciation that I felt from my boss.

Remember, you can teach and train job skills. You can’t teach or train enthusiasm. Don’t dowse the fire within your employees just because they need some guidance.

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