DISCLAIMER: If you click on one of these links and you can buy something, it is probably an affiliate link and I will make some money when you buy. It usually isn't very much, but anything is definitely better than nothing! Truthfully, I've been told that I'm required to inform you that I might make money if you purchase through one of the links. I only list stuff here that I think is worth spending money on because I've spent money on it! If you don't think it is worth spending money on, then please don't spend your money on it. I'll try to feed my poor starving children through other means of income...

This is the book that changed my future. The Miracle Morning is mandatory reading for my Morning Alliance Group Coaching program.

The Five-Minute Journal is truly an inspirational way to start and end your day. I can't recommend this journal enough! This is the journal I personally use. 

ConvertKit is a pretty AMAZING program. I use it to manage my email list. You can create autoresponders, lead pages and all sorts of other things. I've researched other autoresponder systems and ConvertKit is my favorite.

All of my various websites are currently hosted on Bluehost and built using WordPress. The price is right, the customer service is good, and they are SUPER SIMPLE to use. Plus, I like the color blue. What other reason do you need!?

When you use WordPress, you can add Plug-ins that provide a wide variety of benefits. Thrive provides me an easier way to build out my sites. Thrive offers me landing page options. Thrive has multiple themes available to change the look of your site. Thrive offers more than I can tell in this little text box. Thrive offers these individually or in ONE AMAZING PACKAGE! (Get the package. You won't regret it!)